MOMO Pool 6m


Cena podstawowa 72 700 zł (netto)

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Podstawowy system filtracyjny
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Rozdzielnia elektryczna z programowalnymi sterownikami czasowymi
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długość zewnętrzna: 6,11 m
szerokość zewnętrzna: 2,55 m
wysokość zewnętrzna: 1,37 m
głębokość wody: 1,15 m

* nie jest możliwe w przypadku wyboru przeciwprądu (Jet Swim)


Teraz nadszedł czas, aby wybrać kolory do wykończenia Twojego basenu. Zdecyduj się na kolor zewnętrzny oraz kolor niecki.

Basen jest wyposażony w folie Renolit Alkorplan 2000.

Elementy wykończeniowe

Dostosuj elementy wykończeniowe zgodnie z własnymi gustami i preferencjami.

Akcesoria basenowa

Salt hydrolyzer with pH module

Exceptional electrolysis producing chlorine from 3 grams of salt per liter. Perfect for private pools up to 75 RN3. KLX is not only electrolysis, but a complete controller for your pool. It controls the operation of the pool pump, LED lamps (built-in transformer up to 50 W) or a UV lamp. The modular design allows for further expansion with: temperature measurement (optional), ph controls (optional), redox controls (optional), WiFi module (optional). Dedicated application allows full control, change of parameters or preview of statistics (with Wi-Fi option).

Norsup UV lamp

The Norsup UV-C type Supernova disinfection unit with Timer is suitable for swimming pool applications.The Norsup UV-C Supernova disinfection unit with Timer is an improved version of the Norsup Supernova. It has an LED display that indicates the status of the Amalgam lamp. Giving the ability to control the consumption of the bulb.

Chlorine dispenser with pH/Rx module

Dosing pump for private pools. It has a built-in dual pH and Rx stations, dispensing chemicals that regulate the acidity / alkalinity of the water based on the pH readings, as well as chlorine and other disinfectants depending on the measurements of the Rx value.

Premium Norsup Filtration System

Premium class filter set: • Two-piece filter body for easy sand replacement • Resistance to salt water up to 0.4% (4gr / l) • Optimum filter performance • Praher 6-way valve included • 10-year warranty on the tank + 5-year warranty

Hayward vacuum cleaner

Pool cleaning robot that cleans the bottom of the pool, its walls and the water line. Efficiency Smarter: Adaptive, logical microprocessor (ASCL®) that controls and optimizes the cleaning algorithm for a specific pool size and shape Short cycle: designed with a more effective cleaning program, allows quick cleaning between standard cycles and simultaneous access to all areas of the pool

Cleaning robot Norsup Cyclone X2

The Norsup Cyclone cleaning robots are designed to clean residential in-ground pools of all sizes and surfaces. Thanks to the patented AquaSmart Gyro System, the Norsup Cyclone will automatically brush, vacuum and micro-filter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool floor, walls and waterline in a synchronised pattern helping to prevent the cable from tangling.

Small pool rail

The handrail is 817 mm high and 762 mm long, installed at the edge of the pool (not in the pool basin).

Large pool handrail

The handrail is 817 mm high and 1362 long, installed at the edge of the pool (not in the pool basin).

Inner pool handrail

A handrail installed inside the pool basin, length 2000mm.

Barrier for decking with stairs

L shape decking safety barrier for decking with stairs. Dimensions 1600x900, 1.1 m high

Barrier for full decking

L shape decking safety barrier for full decking without stairs. Dimensions 2500x900, 1.1 m high.

The heat pump Hydro-s Type 5

The heat pump helps to extend the pool season even by a few months of the year. The Hydro-S pump is characterized by: • Quiet work • Economy of use • High COP efficiency up to 6.1 • 2-year pump warranty and 5-year warranty for exchanger and compressor

Norsup heat pump Inverter PX P13X

A full inverter heat pump offers great ability to change the heating capacity depending on weather conditions. Thanks to a new automatic compressor speed modes and fan, the pump adjusts them to reduce noise level and energy consumption. Norsup PX pump is characterised by: • A energy class • Inverter heat pump automatically adjusts the heating power to the weather conditions • Automatic heating and cooling function of pool water • COP efficiency up to 16 • 4-year pump warranty and 10-year warranty for exchanger and compressor

Pool basin insulation

5 cm thermal insulation of the pool basin with XPS. Limits temperature transmission through the walls and bottom of the pool. Note: the use of XPS reduces the inner dimension of pool basin - basin is 10 cm shorter and narrower, and 5 cm shallower.

Steel frames for the pool nozzlen

AISI 316L acid steel.

Steel frames for skimmer

AISI 316L acid steel.

Internal LED lighting

Internal LED lighting controlled by a remote control

Steel frame for Pool lamp

AISI 316L acid steel.