MOMO Orion

MOMO orion is designed as a small office that can be situated anywhere and easily relocated. It’s perfect for a garden home office or a construction site office.

It’s based on a 20” container (6.1m in length). It’s a year-round facility constructed in accordance with current building standards. It only requires a connection to electricity and a few concrete blocks for its foundation. The structure is delivered as a “turn-key” solution. It has ventilation, an air-to-air heat pump, and a convection electric heater.

MOMO orion is ready for use on the same day it’s delivered. Thanks to its construction based on a marine container, it can be effortlessly relocated from one place to another.

Delivery time: 8-12 weeks
Assembly: 1 day
All-year round
Turn-key standard

MOMO Orion

15 m² container office in turn-key standard
Building area15 m²
Living area12 m²

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Price from21800€

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  • Layout: open space
  • Outside dimensions:  length 6.1 m, width 2.5 m, height 2.9 m
  • Internal dimensions: length 5.7 m, width 2.1 m, height 2.5 m
  • Insulation: 6 cm PUR
  • Windows: PVC, 2-glass
  • Facade: painted


MOMO Orion

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Included in price

  • Complete and finished building in turn-key standard
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Heating: electric radiators
  • Cooling: A/C with warming function
  • Complete electrical installation
  • Complete ventilation
  • Drawings

Not included in the price

  • Crane to lift the building from a truck
  • Foundations
  • Connection to electrical installation
  • Transport
  • On-site assembly


  • Furniture and office equipment
  • Transport and assembly

Guaranteed buyback

We offer our Clients buyback of our shipping container houses up till 2 years from the day of delivery. To validate the value of used product we need to inspect it first and consider potential repairs and loss of value. To estimate it correctly, we provide detailed calculations to our Clients.


Payment for your house is divided into 3 stages secured by a contract:

  • 50% reservation fee when signing the contract
  • 30% payment after the building is built in our factory
  • 20% payment after the building arrives to the Client

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