MOMO Dome Home 35

Experience the charm of compact living in our meticulously crafted dome house. With a footprint under 35 square meters, this cosy abode maximizes space utilization and boasts a thoughtfully designed mezzanine for added living or storage.

Natural light floods the living area and mezzanine, creating a warm and inviting ambience. Self-supporting exterior partitions provide endless possibilities for interior design, allowing you to personalize your living space to suit your unique lifestyle.

The modular dome consists of modules with a KVH-dried wood frame filled with hemp concrete.
Hempcrete, from the words “hemp” and “concrete” – is a lightweight building material that is a mixture of cut industrial hemp stalks, lime and water in the proper proportions. It thus represents a natural, healthy, sustainable and, importantly, local building material. Hempcrete is an excellent thermal insulator. It is completely non-flammable, and thanks to its lime content, it is resistant to fungal and mold growth. It is a completely biodegradable material.

This house is coming in the form of prefabricated modules. You have two options: Order a set of modules for self-assembly or Order construction of dome house, developer state.

Delivery time: 12-16 weeks
All-year round
Open-shell standard

MOMO Dome Home 35

Self-assembly dome house with an area of 35 m², open-shell standard.

Building area35 m²
Living area35 m²
Rooms3 with kitchen

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Price from15000€

excl. VAT

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  • Layout: Mezzanine with two bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen
  • Outside dimensions: diameter: 6m, height 4.8 m
  • Internal dimensions: diameter: 5,2m, height 3.8 m
  • Insulation: Steico Flex 22cm wood wool or 40cm Hempcrete
  • Windows: PCV 3-glass
  • Heating: electric radiators or heat pump
  • Cooling: air-to-air heat pump
  • Facade: shingle, plaster
  • Roof: shingle, plaster
  • House structure: Wood
MOMO Dome Home 35

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Included in price

The self-assembly building kit includes:

  • C24 wood structure
  • Thermal insulation for modules (Steico Flex 36 wood wool)
  • Steel joints connecting the modules with the skylight anchor and the sill
  • Carpentry screws for module assembly
  • Windproof membrane
  • Assembly instructions
  • Architectural design

Not included in the price

  • A complete and ready-to-move-in building in a turnkey state
  • Foundations
  • 3-glass PVC windows
  • Aluminum-glass external doors
  • Internal doors
  • Metal sheet finishings
  • Fully finished floors (laminate or tiles)
  • Internal clay plaster
  • Wall tiles in wet areas
  • Facade finished with 10cm or 40cm shingles
  • Skylight
  • Comprehensive electrical, water, sewage, and ventilation installations
  • Heating: ground-source heat pump
  • Transport
  • Kitchen and bathroom


House in a turn-key standard – price from 71 400 EUR net.

Guaranteed buyback

We don’t offer our Clients buyback of this product.


Payment for your house is divided into 3 stages secured by a contract:
  • 50% reservation fee when signing the contract
  • 40% payment after the building is built in our factory
  • 10% payment after the building arrives to the Client

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