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MOMO offers comprehensive modular and prefabricated solutions for the business sector, including advanced facilities such as service stations for electric vehicles (EV), gaming centers, event facilities, utility and sanitary buildings, and other unique constructions requiring comprehensive coordination.

Thanks to the flexibility of our design team and modern technological infrastructure, we ensure quick and efficient turnkey project implementations. We have an international design department that collaborates with business clients across Europe, guaranteeing responsive and flexible service. Our approach focuses on building long-term relationships with business clients who can rely on our support for increasingly advanced projects.

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Event facilities

At MOMO, we specialize in designing and creating striking event structures, perfectly tailored for music festivals, theatre performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, and community events. Each project is developed with the specific requirements of the event in mind. Our structures are easy to transport, and quick to assemble and disassemble, providing flexibility and efficiency in changing conditions. Thanks to advanced modular and prefabrication technology, our constructions are functional and easy to adapt during the event.

Service buildings

At MOMO, we design modern service buildings that support key industrial investments, such as heavy EV charging stations and facilities for greenhouses and factories. Each project is tailored to meet specific functional requirements, ensuring process optimization and operational efficiency. Our buildings are characterized by durability and flexibility, making it easy to adapt to changing needs. With modular and prefabrication technology, we offer quick turnaround times and high-quality construction, supporting the development and operation of modern industrial investments.

Sanitary facilities

At MOMO, we design and build sanitary facilities, such as public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms, ensuring the highest standards of functionality and hygiene. Thanks to modular and prefabrication technology, our facilities are quick to execute, easy to assemble, and durable. We offer comprehensive service from the initial design phase, helping investors provide an adequate number of sanitary facilities for guests or employees. Our facilities are equipped with automatic flush systems, faucets, and lighting, guaranteeing top-notch usability and hygiene. We construct sanitary facilities starting from as small as 1 square meter.

Innovation sector

At MOMO, we design and build unique investments and implement innovative ideas for our clients, such as mobile e-gaming centers or specialized facilities for dog rehabilitation. Our solutions are precisely tailored to modern needs and require a creative approach. Thanks to our experience and network of trusted specialists, we effectively coordinate complex investments, ensuring the highest standard of execution. Our team passionately undertakes even the most demanding projects, treating each challenge as an opportunity for innovation and excellence.

Sports facilities

At MOMO, we design and build advanced sports facilities, such as mobile sports centers, gyms, public swimming pools, and our innovative product – Container Stands. Our projects are tailored to diverse needs, ensuring the highest standards of functionality, safety, and aesthetics. With our experience and modular technology, we effectively coordinate comprehensive sports projects, from concept to final execution. Our team adapts facilities to the stringent requirements of mass events, ensuring the necessary certifications for the products used.

Research and education

At MOMO, we design and build advanced research and scientific facilities tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Among our recent projects are water tanks with laboratories for a university in Stockholm and specialized buildings for large-scale electric batteries. We actively engage in the development of new technologies, such as polymer enamels and hempcrete, striving for sustainable development and innovative solutions in harmony with nature. Our engineering education and experience allow us to precisely adapt facilities to the individual applications and requirements of our clients.

Commercial facilities

At MOMO, we specialize in creating modern commercial facilities that perfectly meet the needs of contemporary businesses. Our modular buildings are designed with flexibility and the ability to quickly adapt to changing market requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions for developers, shopping center owners, logistics companies, and manufacturers. Our facilities are characterized by durability, cost efficiency, and aesthetics, making them the ideal choice for dynamically growing businesses. Thanks to advanced modular technology, we ensure quick project execution and high-quality construction.

Public pools

At MOMO, we design modern public pools that meet the highest standards of safety and user comfort. Our modular constructions allow for the quick and economical creation of advanced recreational facilities tailored to the needs of local communities. We offer solutions for local and regional authorities, managers of sports and recreational facilities, and companies managing pools and water parks. With modern technologies, our pools are energy-efficient, durable, and easy to maintain. We provide comprehensive service from design to implementation, guaranteeing user satisfaction.

HORECA centers

At MOMO, we specialize in creating modular facilities for the HORECA industry, combining modern design with functionality. Our solutions are ideal for hotel, restaurant, and café owners, as well as catering and event companies. We offer aesthetic, comfortable, and easily adaptable spaces that can be quickly adjusted to the needs of clients and the specifics of events. Our facilities feature high standards of finish and short construction times, allowing for the swift commencement of operations. Thanks to modular technology, we guarantee cost efficiency and flexibility, which are crucial in the rapidly changing HORECA industry.

Service buildings

At MOMO, we design modern service buildings that support the growth of various business activities. Our modular constructions are perfect for medical facilities, educational institutions, offices, and beauty and hair salons. Each project is tailored to specific functional requirements, ensuring optimal working conditions and customer service. We offer flexible and durable solutions that can be easily modified according to changing needs. Thanks to modular and prefabrication technology, we provide quick project execution and high-quality construction, supporting the dynamic development of services.

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