Modular house MG3

Model MG3 – modular wooden house. It is a four-module building that can be assembled in one day. It comes in 17 variants with different sizes and layouts, ranging from 38.5 m2 to 71.8 m2. The house features a minimalist design with a wooden façade and customizable colours. It can be expanded by adding more modules, and the façade can be finished with wood, steel or composite panels.
Basic dimensions are 6.6 x 5.1 m, extendable to 10.7 x 6.1 m. The most significant variants of the MG3 modular house offer additional rooms, larger living spaces, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. The house’s interior comes fully finished with various options for wall, floor, and ceiling linings. Customers can also choose to order a fully furnished home with furniture, appliances, and sanitary utensils included.

Our houses are available in three finishing standards:
Basic – a basic variant of a finished home, with a set of installations, but without furniture.
Comfort – a finished variant with a bathroom and kitchen, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, sanitary utensils, and household appliances, but without furniture in the rooms.
Premium – fully finished and equipped with furniture and appliances throughout the house in all rooms.
In addition, you have the option of extensive personalization from the elements of additional house furnishings.

Detailed information about available standards is available in the product brochure and the FAQ section.
Each model of the modular house has a steel and wooden structure, ensuring high durability and strength. The weight of the MG3 house, depending on the size of the frame, is about 15 tons.

Delivery time: 3 - 4 months
Assembly: 2 -3 days
All-year round
Three finishing standards available

Modular house MG3

All-year round 38 m² – 72 m² modular house in turn-key standard

Building area33 m²
Living area38 m²
Rooms4 with kitchen

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Price from84500€

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  • Layout: Separate three bedrooms, bathroom, living room with a kitchenette, hall
  • Outside dimensions: length 6.6 m, width 5.1 m, height 6.4 m
  • Internal dimensions: length 5.8 m, width 4.6 m
  • Insulation: 20 cm mineral wool
  • Windows: PVC, 2-glass
  • Heating: electric radiators or electric floor heating + air-to-air heat pump (option)
  • Cooling: air-to-air heat pump (option)
  • Facade: wood / standing seam plate / composite panels
  • Roof: metal roof tiles or standing seam sheet, 37-degree angle
  • Weight: 15 tons
  • House structure: Steel and wood
  • Energy performance: EP 69.6 kWh/m2
Modular house MG3

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Included in price

  • Complete and finished building
  • Complete electrical, water and sewage installation
  • Complete ventilation (fans available in Comfort Standard)
  • Bathroom: Compact toilet bowl, shower tray, and fittings

Not included in the price

  • Transport
  • On-site assembly
  • Two packages:

Comfort package:

  • Shower cabin (80×80 or 90×90 depending on model)
  • Bathroom washbasin with battery, lower cabinet, mirror, and LED backlight
  • Exhaust bathroom fan
  • 50L electric boiler in a built-in cabinet
  • Electric ladder bathroom radiator
  • Panel electric heaters in each room
  • Standard veneer lower kitchen cabinets with top
  • Upper kitchen cabinets in veneer with LED backlight
  • Kitchen sink with faucet
  • Built-in under-counter fridge with freezer compartment
  • Two-burner electric hob
  • Kitchen hood built into upper cabinets

Premium package:

  • Corner or sofa with sleeping function and bedding container (depending on model)
  • Dining table with four chairs
  • TV cabinet in living room
  • Wall cabinet in living room
  • 160 cm wide bed in master bedroom with mattress and bedding chest
  • Beds in children’s bedrooms with mattresses
  • Wardrobe in the master bedroom
  • Wardrobe in children’s bedroom
  • Bedside tables and tables in bedrooms (depending on model)
  • Wall cabinets in bedrooms above beds (depending on model)
  • Upholstered or furniture board headboards in bedrooms


  • Comfort package
  • Premium package

Guaranteed buyback

We don’t offer our Clients buyback of this product.


Payment for your house is divided into 3 stages secured by a contract:
  • 50% reservation fee when signing the contract
  • 30% payment after the building is built in our factory
  • 20% payment after the building arrives to the Client

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